A Look at Twisted Sister Arts

Well, since I'm coming up on 9 years on Etsy, I thought it was time to share some of my processes. Not many of you realize I make my work, by weaving wire into frames and swirls, to hold my chosen medium. Using basic tools, and other tools that I have made, I work daily in my studio, creating works of art and whimsey. Yes, I do add pieces to embellish and florish my weavings, but each one is drilled with care, to disguise my holes. Many times I get asked how long it took to make this piece, and I will let you know I can make an eye frame in 1 1/2 hours, from cutting the wire, to listing it.

I've been creating wire designs for 10 years, and self employed for five. It has given me great joy to have almost 15,000 admirers, each looking and appreciating what I've created. I hope to someday be able to teach my method to others, so that they could make their own works.

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